Mizz Laura Jean (mizzlaurajean) wrote in applecon,
Mizz Laura Jean

Since I'm not clear how I edit entries

So not computer gifted. I will just post.

Financial Support for AppleCon 2009:
For clarity when I say someone wiling to take a financial risk and use their personal credit card to hold the room block against it for AppleCon I do in fact mean taking the risk if we fail to meet our room block. Which I realize is the suck but that's the reality of it. And AppleCon has no way to reimburse you much as I wish we did. Also the suck. So yes if you are willing to consider it you need to be comfortable with the risk and the possibility of paying the hotel money. The risk was about $2,000.00 last year and will be about the same if we keep our block small which we plan to. That said this year we doubled our numbers and sold substantially more room nights but since I lack a working crystal ball I can't guarantee that will happen again.

If no one volunteers to do this that is obviously understandable but then we will have to skip 2009.

And added info it looks like our dates would be May 29th, 30th, and 31st 2009
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