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AppleCon Programming updates

AppleCon Programming

12pm move in

3:00pm Wizard Tournament
In The Clubroom/Concierge at least one table will be available for Wizard at all times. “Eventually we can play cards. Eventually? Why not now?”

3:30 Wizard Tournament Kicks off
ESuite 1340
Open for anyone who wishes to compete in this death defying game of trump. Your mission should you chose to accept it; to obtain the highest score and leave the other Wizards in your dust. You have only 48 hours, okay go!
*break from 8 – 8:30pm for pie reception*

3:30pm Jamming 101,
Esuite 1318
Steven Leigh, Chas Somdahl, David Perry, Ann Viviano
What makes a good music jam? What kinds of things add to the experience and what detracts? This panel of experienced jammers will talk about their experience and demonstrate both good and bad jamming behavior.

Dinner 6 -8pm

8:00pm Pie Reception
Esuite 1340
Please come and help us welcome our 4 stellar guests of honor, author guest S.L. Farrell, Musician guest Stephen Leigh, Artist guest Sleigh Fan guest Steve.

8:30pm Open Microphone
Esuite 1318
Hosted by Chas Somdahl please come and sing us a song, read us a favorite poem one you wrote or one by another author, do a dance, tell a joke, play your instrument. Please keep you pieces 5 minutes or less. If time allows participants will be able to have more then one slot.
Quiet *Wizard* table available in dim corner, “Please don’t shuffle over my musician, poetry reading friends.” – thanx ☺

9:45pm GoH Music Circle
Esuite 1318
Showcase jam hosted by Chas Somdahl

9:00pm Wizard Tournament until you decide to stop
Esuite 1340
Room devoted to the game of trump.

Saturday April 12th

10:00am Instrument Creations
Esuite 1318
Bonnie Somdahl and Ann Viviano
Create your own instrument! Use common household items (boxes, empty wrapping paper rolls, beans, etc) to create your own unique sound. Materials provided.

10:00am Coffee Writer’s Workshop
Esuite 1340
A writing how to with Guest of Honor author S. L. Farrell.
WORLDBUILDING. Creating a realistic and believable world is at the
core of most science fiction and fantasy novels, and is a primary
skill for writers of the genre. At the same time, worldbuilding is
itself a wonderful feedback cycle for creativity and inspiration for
the writer. S.L. Farrell will talk about the concept, some issues and
pitfalls, and will lead an exercise in the process.

Lunch break 11:30am – 1:30pm

1:30pm Korean Drumming,
Esuite 1340
With Katie Winkel who will give a little background information about Korean drumming and then a demonstration

2:00pm Nitrogen Ice Cream
Esuite 1340
Immediately following the drumming demo
with Chas Somdahl

1:30pm Scheduled Concerts
Esuite 1318
Teresa Chandler
More TBA

3:00pm Magic as a Plot Device
Esuite 1340
S. L. Farrell
An open discussion; of the use of magic in fantasy fiction, from "Why" to "How".

3:00pm The Science Show.
Esuite 1318
Chas Somdahl “The Science Guy”
Can Chas turn water to wine and back? Can he light up a fluorescent tube with his bare hands? Why is the sky blue (and the sunset red)? Can something be freezing hot or boiling cold? These are some of the questions addressed in this display of some of Chas’ favorite science demonstrations.

4:30pm Music Mentorship Circle
Esuite 1318
with David Perry A music circle where everyone is invited to play, whether you are a beginning musician or an old hat we all still have things to learn. Here is a place we can learn together. Think of it as rehearsal, where you will receive constructive critism and tips you can then put into practice. Please bring your humility and manners.

4:30pm Comic Book Sensibility
Esuite 1340
Is it taking over SF and T.V.?
with Andrew Bertke

6 :00pm– 8:00pm Dinner Break

8:00pm Reading and Signing
with Guest of Honor S.L. Farrell, bring your books, chapbooks, book bags, etc and get them signed.

8:00pm Open Microphone
Esuite 1318
Hosted by Chas Somdahl, Once again a chance for anyone and everyone to get up on the proverbial stage and entertain your friends. Whether it’s with a good song and dance or a bad joke we want to see what you’ve got! All ages welcome.

9:30pm GoH Music Circle
Esuite 1318

9:00pm Wizard and Games
Esuite 1340
A place for Wizard and other games of your liking until you can’t stay awake.


11:00am What’s Music Got to do with SF?
Esuite 1340
Geri Sullivan, Chas Somdahl
Music at Minnesota conventions is a different experience than music at conventions elsewhere. Generally, Filk is the music of the science fiction community. While there is some crossover to that genre, it is not the prevailing music here. What is so different about our fans and musicians and what does it have to do with SF?

11:00am Rhythm and Movement
Esuite 1318
Ann Viviano
The Applecon Wild Rumpus! Use the instruments you made in the Make Your own Instrument class, bring your own, or simply use your hands and feet to incorporate storytelling, rhythm & movement to bring a new dimension the tale of Max and the Wild Things.

12:00pm – 2:00pm Lunch Break

2:00pm What’s Rose Tyler Doing in that Parallel Universe?
Esuite 1340
Andrew Bertke and Beth Friedman

3:00pm Closing Ceremonies
Esuite 1318
Wizard Tournament trophy’s awarded.
A toast, and a song……
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