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AppleCon Volunteer Opportunity's

AppleCon Volunteers

Thursday Night Shrimp Truck Work Party
Please contact if you need location information

-Badge Assembly Line workers put names in badge holders and alphabetize them for Friday

-Chap/program book collation, stapling

- Signage, 3 poster board signs for hotel lobby, second floor entrance near pool and off elevator on 13th.

-Move into hotel and take over
haul bags and boxes of food and gear, beverages and décor.
Unpack and arrange. Rearrange tables in room set up chairs, games etc.
Have at least 2 persons in each room setting up Esuite 1318 where music will be the Concierge/Clubroom and Esuite 1340 where other programming will be. String up lights.
-Place photos on display.

Location Specialist Place signs in hotel

-Registration Magistrate person to greet and welcome new members and give them their badges, Chapbook, program sheet and restaurant info stickers, hugs(optional) etc.

Clubroom Greeters
Help oversee Consuite and Esuites in two-hour blocks. Person doesn’t need to stay in room the whole time can come and go as long as people are around. Put out designated snack items, tidy, work on a puzzle, be helpful answering members questions or finding someone who can, offer beverage, encourage snacking etc
Sign up for a slot of two
3pm – 6pm
6pm – 8pm closed for the dinner hour
8pm- 10pm
10pm – 12pm
12pm -2am

-Pie Retrieval Officer must pick up ordered pies from sekrit pie baker and insure adequate pies are acquired. If the sekrit pie baker messes up the order needs to not be afraid to assert Pie authority and seek a satisfactory resolution and must not get caught breaking any pieing laws. By must be returned to the hotel between 3 and 5pm.

-Pie Slicers and Servers 8:00pm at Pie Reception
Jackets, ties, aprons weird gloves all encouraged. Even Bunny costumes would be extremely pleasing but no this ain’t a furry don’t go getting the wrong idea. Pies will be provided.

8am -10am
10am – 12pm
12pm – 2pm Closed for lunch
2pm - 4pm
4pm – 6pm
8pm – 10pm
10pm – 12pm
12pm – 2am

.Cookie Bakers, bakers will be baking up a mess o cookies for their friends in a toaster oven
Cookie Enticers will walk through the Clubroom and Esuites and offer fresh warm cookies to our valued members.
Milk Maids will follow the cookie servers and offer a cool wash down of the cookie product.
*note if you have a fancy jacket or apron for the job all the more with the fun making* White gloves also good if you have an old pair lying around.
10pm till cookies run out or the clock strikes 12 which ever comes first.

8am – 10am
10am – 12pm
12pm 2pm
2pm – 4pm

Bagel Brigade will pick up fresh bagels and cream cheese for Sunday morning. Sometime b/w 8 and 9am preferred.
----- Tentatively Susan Levy Haskell, need to confirm

Cleaning Crew, remove all evidence of our presence leave no trace…
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