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Programming Descriptions

Jamming 101

What makes a good music jam? What kinds of things add to the experience and what detracts? This panel of experienced jammers will talk about their experience and demonstrate both good and bad jamming behavior.

The Science Show.

Can Chas turn water to wine and back? Can he light up a fluorescent tube with his bare hands? Why is the sky blue (and the sunset red)? Can something be freezing hot or boiling cold? These are some of the questions addressed in this display of some of Chas’ favorite science demonstrations.

Music and the Mind.

Explore how music affects the mind and how the mind affects music. Why do some notes sound wrong even if they are in tune? Why do others sound right? Why is it that some music sounds happy or sad or scary? How can scales containing different numbers of notes at different intervals still sound right?

What’s Music Got to do with SF?

Music at Minnesota conventions is a different experience than music at conventions elsewhere. Generally, Filk is the music of the science fiction community. While there is some crossover to that genre, it is not the prevailing music here. What is so different about our fans and musicians and what does it have to do with SF?

GoH Music Circle

A showcase jam of select musicians including our GoH.

Programming Schedule
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