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About the books...

lsanderson asked me to cross-post to the Applecon group the posts regarding my books, so I will... in digest form, anyway...


I notice that Todd Lockwood, the artist for the cover of A MAGIC OF TWILIGHT, has the cover up on his own website in his "New Art" area. You should check out the two details from it -- click on them underneath the main image and another window will pop up. I love the detail of the Archigos' throne -- that would make a wonderful cover all on its own.

Check out Todd's artwork; he's a phenomenal artist, who loves 'cinematic' and strange angles.

And hey, you can buy prints if you're so inclined...


I'm going to put up the occasional 'extra' on my website for A MAGIC OF TWILIGHT. The first few chapters (a slightly older version of what appeared in the book) are already in place.

I just uploaded a short commentary on how one of the characters came to be. A note of caution, though -- there are minor spoilers involved if you haven't yet read the book, so be warned!

I hope to add a few more tidbits in the next month or so.

In the meantime, I ran across a strange-but-interesting short review of the book. Here it is:

...As the new cycle begins with “Twilight,” readers will be thrust into a city as bright and vivacious as many a European capital during the Renaissance. Faith, politics, chaos and conquest will converge upon a fiftieth anniversary Jubilee celebration in the capital of Nessantico. You’ve got dwarves, religious extremists, magic, opulence and armies, all at the ready. Only time will tell if the new series will appeal to Farrell fans as strongly as his previous work. Or, for that matter, if the rest of us need to pick up the movie-tie in once we see the visuals in a big Hollywood trailer.

"Movie tie-in... big Hollywood trailer..." Ah, we can only hope! Wouldn't that be nice... :-)

EDITED TO ADD: BTW, I just hit 120,000 words on the draft of A MAGIC OF NIGHTFALL. Moving forward rapidly!


"Considerable charm and appeal... It's always refreshing to read a fantasy where neither side in a conflict has much of a moral edge on the other, and the cast of characters are an enjoyable mix of the sympathetic, the villainous and the ambiguous. There's definite potential here." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Readers familiar with Farrell's amazing 'Cloudmages' series will pick up this first book in a new series with a pretty good idea of what to expect; all others are likely to be happily blown away by the gorgeously detailed setting and intriguing characters. Then there's the tangled knot, knitted up of at least seven different kinds of treachery. All told, this is a fantasy novel to settle down with for a nice, long time... Farrell's world-building is, as always, impressive: intricate and well-thought out. The intrigues pulling characters one way and another are complicated, and keeping up with all the characters throughout the headlong plot is a challenge -- but it's an entertaining challenge, one which repays the reader's work with a vivid rich story of treachery, hope, faith, and snarled loyalties as complex as the city that houses them." -- Charlene Brusso in BLACK GATE

"S.L. Farrell has crafted a wondrous tale of intrigue, adventure, the collision of politics and religion, and the triumph of personal virtue over fear and doubt... The craft of world-building has rarely been put on display so ingeniously." -- Drew Bittner in SFRevu

"Farrell easily wields an immense cast of characters, many of whom take narrative turns. Readers who appreciate intricate world building, intrigue, and action will immerse themselves effortlessly into this rich and complex story." -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"Farrell weaves the lives of his characters into an enthralling mix of politics, religion, magic, love, and betrayal -- allowing a novel of Imperial conquest and the questions of faith to remain a tapestry of very personal stories." -- bestselling author Tanya Huff

"Moving gravefully between the intrigues of palaces and slums, A MAGIC OF TWILIGHT is fast-paced yet intricate, a delight for readers of both military and political fiction." -- bestselling author Jane Lindskold

"Intriguing characters and a complex socio-political background make this a strong addition to most fantasy collections." -- Library Journal

"I'm ready for another visit, hopefully not to be long delayed." -- Don d'Ammassa in CRITICAL MASS


Contributor's copies for INSIDE STRAIGHT (the new WILD CARDS book, edited by George RR Martin) showed up on my doorstep today -- even shinier than the ARC of the book that I received awhile back. You have to see the holographic cover to appreciate it; pictures don't do it justice.


It's wonderful to see the WILD CARDS universe back in business, and amazing to think that 20+ years after we started, the franchise is still going strong.


I'll be happy to sign any books you want to bring to Applecon. Heck, they don't even have to be mine. I'll sign 'em anyway.
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